Chivalry and Feminism

In his last two article’s Misterjacque introduced a certain she/ her. She’s the author of this article. By clicking on this link you’ll meet a confluence, where the streams of Chivalry meets the flow of Feminism. Our guest contributor paints, in ways only an artist would, a picture of feminism dressed in chivalry.

Keep the cat out of the bag

In the sequel to Choose you everyday, Misterjacque writes on staying faithful while meeting new people as being in relationships doesn’t mean an end to networking. Read, like, comment and share.

Choose you everyday

What do we do when there are people in our lives that offer more than our significant other? How do we handle people coming into our lives and we wishing we had met them earlier before we committed? On the page you’ll see when you click on this, Misterjacque gives his counsel on navigating such times. You’ll Love it


We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. Being understood has more to do with where the person being communicated to is, than where you are. It’s in this light Misterjacque writes on expectations, it’s better than the last article you read, have fun reading.


Deadlines are dreaded, they make us exert ourselves, they can cause us stress. Deadlines can be blessings as well, Take a look.

Write it down

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