It matters who loves you

Social media has been a friend to me, it’s means more than just a few apps on my phone. It has become my audience, my market, my stage, my congregation. As a matter of fact here a number of things I am doing and intend to do that would have been almost impossible without social media.

I now belong to quite a number of associations I only got to know over social media, it has almost quadrupled my network while reinforcing the relationships I had prior to its introduction.

I’ve had an audience with people I would hitherto pay to attend their events by just being friends or followers on social media. This post isn’t a social media advertisement, but only one of the lessons my engaging social media personally and handling social media pages for organizations has taught me. Who knows? I might compile my experience into a publication, but that will be much later.😉

A few of us know the frustration of getting fewer retweets and likes than we feel our content deserves, and in investigating the cause of such I’ve realized there are peak times to post on various social media platforms.

Also, what I’ll also discover was how to check the number of times fellow social media users have seen my post and engaged it. In doing this, I’ll find out that although the number of likes can be an ego boost, the effectiveness of the reach of content is actually in the number of people that get to see your post.

I realized that there were some posts with just one like or retweet from a handle with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers that were seen ten times more than some with a hundred retweets or likes from accounts with just a handful of followers.

It’s more than how many likes you have; I realized that beyond the number of likes is the ability of the accounts that like your post to attract more views; actually, it matters who reacts to your content, it matters who retweets your post, it matters who shares your post.

Isn’t it the same thing with life? Isn’t a man’s name or word, signature or veto just as significant as the value he has to offer, represent, or can bring to the table? Or in our context the number of views from his followers? When a man says a thing, we low-key rate it on a scale of who is he to even make such a statement?

How about this? God says he loves me with an everlasting love. This statement is just as consequential as his reputation, in the social media terms, what’s his followership? What does it mean to be loved by him? And how does this statement now change anything? Several people have told me they love me, and in the sincerity of my heart I believe them and know they mean it, but when compared and contrasted with this profession of God’s love for me; God’s words far outweighs theirs.

Unlike man whose name at best is only known in a region or realm, his name is eternal, unlike a man who can change his mind with time, based on my response to him, concerning me God’s intention is fixed and entirely made up. Unlike them who at their wealthiest still have needs, he owns the whole world and much more and is more than generous in his supply of my needs. If this comparison is anything to go by it’s essential we don’t base our self-esteem and self-worth on things as transient as people’s validation, applause and opinions.

Back to our original context, It matters who retweets your post; it matters who likes your post, it matters who has your back, it matters who loves you. God has retweeted my post; God has liked my post, God has followed me, i follow him back, I’ve accepted his friend request and much more than that, God has my back, God loves me unconditionally and irreversibly, he loves you too. This changed and keeps changing everything for me, and it can do so for you too.
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7 thoughts on “It matters who loves you

  1. God bless you. His love makes the difference Because it’s unconditional.
    Looking forward to the next read.
    Love you .

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