Friendship lessons from Creed III

Creed III, The most successful sequel to the legandary Rocky series was released in March of 2023. This publication by MisterJacque holds a lot of insight into friendships and how they should be handled as gleaned from watching the movie. You’ll love it.

Friendship Fatigue

The weight of relationships were not for one shoulder, if ever any one person should bear the weight, it should be temporary; so a sweet thing doesn’t go sour. On the other end of this link, Misterjacque writes on friendship fatigue, you should read what he wrote, everyone does.

Keeping in Touch

A long-awaited Sequel to my very first blog post, “Letting go without letting go“. Which was about people remaining in communication without being in constant

Add Faith to it

MisterJacque makes a comeback after a sabbatical from blogging. He speaks on a neglected factor that makes romatic relationships last the long haul. You didn’t see this coming, trust me. Don’t forget to like share and drop your comments.

Welcome to Lagos

Contemplating a move to the economic capital of West Africa? Wait a little, here’s a Youth Corps member account of the culture shock he encounters in his first year in Lagos. I’m sure you’ll giglle a little, then you’ll make up your mind if Lagos is for you or not.


Much like the season of our lives, the people in our lives repeat themselves; physically or virtually. These moments evoke feelings of nostalgia. MisterJacque sheds some light on the temptation to recall the low estate of erstwhile friends with honour rather than the usual disdain in their presence or absence. Like every publication of this pen maestro, it promises to help your friendships and It’s time back guaranteed. Drop a comment and share with a friend.

More than Friends 2

Can you remember we started a discussion on friendzoning in the 9th #Friendship Friday posts? I’m sure you do, the More than Friends discussion continues today. I think the guys will like this episode more, tell me what you think.🙂🙂

Seasons of Relationships

We’ve struggled with letting friends go, every single one of us. MisterJacque invites you on a journey to why and how you should do that and with much more ease going forward.


The year is still young, you will live long enough to realise that when all else fails in friendships, loyalty will keep the bonds of friendships through the seasons of life. Mister Jacque in the 13th episode of #friendshipfriday talks on Loyalty.

Are you done?

It’s a new year, many took stock last year and considered some relationships not worth the while. Mister Jacque in the 12th episode of #friendshipfriday talks on these issues.

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