Add Faith to it

The lovebirds in my audience have been tugging at me, saying I’ve forgotten them. Lol

I didn’t forget. I admit to being pulled in a few other directions. But I’m back with this piece, I’m sure you’ll love it.

I hear the words, “Chemistry and physical attraction” being touted as secrets to lasting relationships. And this isn’t without reason as who would want to be with or even conceive the idea of sharing your life, investing time and resources and affection on someone you don’t find attractive?

So yes, these have their place, let’s talk about something you don’t hear every day.

Kings, there is a lot you need to look out for, and possess as well, going into a relationship, faith is one of them. Faith in a significant other is one of the most untalked about factors that make relationships last.

Faith in their dreams, visions and life’s goals; believing the best in and of them despite the current contradictions to this picture.

It follows that you should have a dream worth having faith in, a vision of what it looks like when your hard work culminates in success, A picture of what to expect at the end of the tunnel the journey of life can seem like.

Faith in their ability to along side us, weather the storms they face and or will face in their life’s journey.

Love is more than butterflies, love letters and candlelit dinners; it’s in the days the result of the professional exam didn’t come out the way you expected, it’s in the days of grief, pain, episodes of disappointment and dashed hopes, its Labour room waits, long-distance, Its in these moments we see the beauty of the bond love is.
It’s faith that makes love stand on those days.

Faith in a person’s ability to change having understood our thoughtful communication of displeasure(s) in conduct, or character to them.

From this perspective, Love is faith. Gifts can be deceptive, words can be lies, and gestures can be false, but in the end, we’re head over heels in love, with no guarantees where this ends, asides faith that a person loves us and we love them too.

It’s this faith that whispers, “Maybe she’s stuck in traffic” when she arrives late for the date. It is that faith that makes her think, “Maybe he had a lot on his plate this month” when has to buy the dress at a later date than he promised.

To your list add Faith.

Hope this helps your romantic relationships, Feel free to drop your comments.

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30 thoughts on “Add Faith to it

  1. This beautiful 😍. Having faith in the dreams and aspirations of a partner is everything. It gives a certain level of confidence and tenacity to push through.

  2. “Faith in those days the professional exam results don’t come out as planned” It’s so important to have people (partners) that have faith in you even on those days you don’t have faith in yourself.

  3. “Faith in their dreams, visions and life’s goals; believing the best in and of them despite the current contradictions to this picture.”

    Indeed this is one important factor that has been ignored. Thank you for pointing it out for us to know.
    Glad it came early 😁😁

  4. Perfectly written as always.
    It’s always a pleasure to read from you sir.
    God bless you for being such a great Blessing

  5. Having someone who has faith in you cannot be overemphasized. Even on those days you cannot feel yourself they can stand in with a lot of assurance.

  6. “It’s faith that makes love stand on those days when things don’t go as planned”. Thanks for this piece. Well done Mister Jacque ☺️

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