Misterjacque’s Letter (10)

Dear Men,

Commit to getting better, encourage your sons after you to do same.

As a continuation to New year’s day’s letter, one of the hallmarks of leadership is learning from precedents; reviewing past actions of generations before; consolidating on their victories and re-strategizing from their losses.

The bar shouldn’t remain at the same place, and assuredly it must never be brought lower; in moral conduct, in business, enterprise, and career, in our primary relationships with our spouse and children and our relationships with others and view points in general it is God’s will and in line with the natural progression of life that what ensnared or killed our predecessors should meet tougher, more refined and resolute opposition in us.

Half a verse of Eugene H. Peterson’s paraphrasing of King Solomon’s first book of wisdom reads, “The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine”.

We’ve should live in view of God’s expectation of continuous personal and generational progress from us.

Till I write you next week, think on these things.

JACK, Sogbeye
God’s man

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