MisterJacque’s Letters (11)

Dear men,

You deserve to be loved.

The man is born a giver. Basic Biology teaches us, that the genesis of human life is when the man’s sperm is received by an ovary and fertilization occurs, and according to life as per God’s design the man doesn’t stop giving until his dying day.

That is only a beginning of providing daily sustenance, security, support, love and discipline for our progeny. The man can give so much that he doesn’t know how to receive and even stops expecting to receive.

Without making our giving reciprocal especially to the ones we have a duty under God to provide for, we should teach the ones under our leadership the blessedness of giving on special days as birthdays and inconveniencing themselves to be good in acts to giving and doing to others even on ordinary days.

We should learn faith, believing our ultimate benefactor, God, for supply of the things we can’t buy and even the things we can, and trust his ability to meet our needs and even our wants through others.

A line from Brian Simmons paraphrasing of Paul’s address to the elders of the Ephesian church reads, “Giving brings a far greater blessing than receiving”.

Till I write you next week, think on these things.

JACK, Sogbeye

God’s man





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