More than Friends 2

Can you remember we started a discussion on friendzoning in the 9th #Friendship Friday posts? I’m sure you do, the More than Friends discussion continues today. I think the guys will like this episode more, tell me what you think.🙂🙂

Seasons of Relationships

We’ve struggled with letting friends go, every single one of us. MisterJacque invites you on a journey to why and how you should do that and with much more ease going forward.


The year is still young, you will live long enough to realise that when all else fails in friendships, loyalty will keep the bonds of friendships through the seasons of life. Mister Jacque in the 13th episode of #friendshipfriday talks on Loyalty.

Are you done?

It’s a new year, many took stock last year and considered some relationships not worth the while. Mister Jacque in the 12th episode of #friendshipfriday talks on these issues.


The wisdom with which we keep people’s information can determine how long we’ll be friends with them. Mister Jacque writes along these lines in today’s episode of #Friendshipfriday, it’s better than the ones you’ve read before it.

On Money and Friendships

In the 10th episode in #Friendshipfriday series, Mister Jacque writes on friendships and how money can affect them. I’m convinced you’ll need to share this one with a friend.

More than friends

Friendships start with shared interest or fondness from one party or it can be mutual, but many times it’s only a matter of time before one party wants more than this.
In the 9th episode in the #Friendshipfriday series, MisterJacque writes on the urge to be exclusive with a friend.


Communication is how friendships start, sadly it has also been the reason why they end. In this week’s episode, the 8th in the #Friendshipfriday series, MisterJacque writes on gossip, and how despite how inevitable it may seem, we can ensure it doesn’t burn our bridges.

Seeds of Friendship

Being friendly to and with people comes at a cost, I’ll be doing you a disservice not letting you know the risks involved. In this week’s episode, the 7th in the #Friendshipfriday series, MisterJacque writes on seeds of Friendship, and how we stay consistent with sowing them regardless