Seeds of Friendship

I think all of us have had that unsuccessful attempt at being friends with someone. Although this is not a prophecy, If you haven’t yet don’t lose sleep over it, just keep living, when it happens just smile and exclaim, “Mister Jacque said it o!!”.

We’ve extended a hand of fellowship to someone we thought would turn out to be a good friend and for some the bus didn’t even leave the park, while for some others it did, only to meet betrayal, treachery, disloyalty or an occurrence along the way that had us alight from the vehicle prematurely.

In one of those “after the hard day’s job workplace discussions”, a colleague was recounting how he has gotten his hands burnt time and time again trying to be friends with people. His stories were very funny in retrospect, there are some betrayals you think only happen in movies, those were the kind he experienced. In the end, we discovered we had common ground, as we recounted different individual accounts of our loyalty to a mutual friend that was repaid with perfidy.

In my response, I told him asides this hitherto friend we talked about, I’ve had my fair share of the same but it’s too trivial a reason to stop genuinely wanting to connect with people. I asked if he had stories of how friends have come through for him in time passed, then he said all his life up until that time he had never submitted a CV for a job before, as all his jobs and gigs came as referrals from friends.

Aha!!! There it was, party Jollof at the end of the tunnel. For the most part, Bad relationships are the exception and not the norm if we really take stock. They are just a few infinitesimal stones in thousands of grains of rice.

I want to assure you from experience, that every single seed of friendship and right hand of fellowship you’ve extended to another regardless of how it turned out, will come back to you in greater measure. Don’t stop being friendly, don’t let evil win, remember, “We’ll reap what we sow, not necessarily where we sow”.

Hope this helps your friendships, both existing and potential.

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8 thoughts on “Seeds of Friendship

  1. You just reminded me about something my mom used to tell me, “never stop being good even if people are bad to you”.
    Indeed bad relationships are the exception. Thanks Mr Jacque

  2. This was an awesome article, dealing with people is never easy, but it’s always important to remember that they’re not perfect and so once in a while they’ll most likely let you down, but the best thing to do is to always forgive.

  3. This article really came in handy at a time when i feel like it’s not worth having friends this days because of the unfriendly attitude reciprocated by them despite how nice you are to them. Thanks for the article

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