Offence is analogous to the heat a cook has to deal with in the kitchen. If it is true that, “If you can’t stand to heat, leave the kitchen”; then it follows that, “If you can’t handle offence, leave the playground”. You’re not ready for friendships, or at least not deep ones”.

Forgiveness is one thing we’ll have to give and consequently receive again and again and again in our fellowship with other people as we would be hurt or wronged both deliberately and otherwise, although the latter should be the case most of the time, assuming your circle is a sane one.

I was listening in on a conversation recently where a friend used a certain expression in his conversation with another that triggered unsavoury childhood memories, what ensued in the aftermath wasn’t a sight to behold at all. This the former wouldn’t have known beforehand, or so I think. If we stay friends long enough we are bound to hurt each other at least once.

Speaking of forgiveness and offences, I had my own share of the pie, two weeks ago, when a friend used an expression that I considered below the belt. I took it to heart, due to the length of our friendship and the insensitivity of the comment and didn’t want to speak to him for days. I can clearly remember, it was a Sunday evening where something my Pastor said came to my heart, “A man who can control his mouth can control his temper”.

And I started to speak out loud that I have forgiven him. Coincidentally at almost the same time, the crab was calling me to banter after my team lost to his earlier in the day, I ignored his call and had a good laugh. I’ll later communicate his offence and we laughed it over.

Forgiveness can and should begin with the mouth, and then followed through with action.

We’ll have to come into friendships with our pockets full of sincere apologies and clear cut communication of hurt, and also our bowels filled to overflowing with mercy.

Hope this helps your friendships.

Good morning my Neighbors

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