A lot initiate and catalyse friendships and other human Relationships.
Common interests, shared goals, blood ties, working in the same space or for same employer, the list is endless.
But in my short time on earth as a friend I’ve seen that nothing maintains these relationships like reciprocity.

Reciprocate to the best of your ability and / or resources.
It’s blessed to receive, we all love receiving. Ye, the blessedness of giving far outweighs it.
Refuse to be a one-way street, one who has visited you thrice, should get a visit from you no matter how busy your schedule is.

One whom you’ve received a courtesy phone call from up to three times, deserves a return phone call, regardless of your busy schedule.

Someone who blew your mind away with a private candle lit dinner on your birthday deserves more than 700 naira 3-in-1 singlet and 300 naira boxers, if you can afford more than this.

This is one of the things that has kept the friendships and relationships you admire for decades, the ones that go on for two to three generations; Reciprocity.

No, I’m not saying you should count scores, or keep a friendship book of life of some sort. By the way, who says you can’t be the one who starts the process?

Marcel Mauss once said and I quote, “Gifts are never free, they bind giver and receiver in a loop of reciprocity”.

Hope this helps your friendships. #MisterJacque #Friendshipfriday

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