You can’t be friends with everyone

You can’t be friends with everyone

I’ll assume for starters, that you know everybody can’t like you, you’re not Nigerian Jollof. But, even beyond being liked or liking someone in return is the gravity of the word, FRIEND.

Don’t allow Facebook’s use of the words, “friend”, or “friend request”, or “Unfriend” water down the weight of the word, FRIEND in your mind.
Amongst many other things, a friend is someone who knows you and is known by you, one with whom you share a few things in common and have each other’s best interests at heart. One whom as is the emphasis of this post, is an influence on you, and you on him or her, usually a great one.

Normalize referring to people as what they are; Acquaintance, Co-worker, Church member, neighbour, course mate, boss, etc.

The moment you refer to someone as friend, there is a limit to which you can dissociate from them; their values, preferences and ultimately, their actions. When you refer to someone as a friend you say albeit subtly, “Watch his or her actions, I might act like that sometimes”.

While we also can and should cut people some slack for some actions of their friends, we should hold the title, FRIEND, with our two hands and confer the title on others with the same, knowing how great a responsibility comes with it.

You can’t be friends with everyone.

Hope this helps your friendships.

Good morning my Neighbors. Friendshipfriday #MisterJacque

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