Discern every friendship

As humans are different so are our relationships with them. I’ve learnt over time that every friendship is totally different from the other.

While there are basic common grounds all healthy friendships should have like common interests that necessitates the friendship, mutual respect and reciprocity as was communicated in previous #Friendshipfriday post that keep the relationship going forward; I’ve realised every friendship brings a totally different thing to the table and would have to be approached a certain kind of way.

For a bit of practicality, in my life there are friendships where I play an elder brother role and I bring counsel, guidance, rebuke and in most of these cases it can seem like I invest more than I receive. There are other relationships where I receive counsel, guidance, occasional rebuke and a whole lot more.

There are a few with contemporaries and some I see making giant strides that challenge me to do and be better than I am by virtue of our communication and fellowship and for a few I return this favour.

I’ve learnt to identify the roles people play in my life in friendships and the role I play in other people’s life. It’s not rocket science discerning this; just listen to the things you talk about more often and you should be able to place relationships in compartments and treat people even more intentionally and ultimately better.

Every friendship is totally different from another.

Discern every friendship

Hope this helps your friendships

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