Severing ties

Good things don’t have to end. Nevertheless, you’ll realise that not all friendships turn out the way we plan. Humans usually do not come with a “Do not come close sign” stating how toxic they are to other humans and we might have to find out by experience that some people have to be dissociated from.

Some could have been good people who made some wrong choices and have chosen to see nothing wrong with them. And while we are tolerant of people’s decisions, we don’t have to stand and watch them affect us negatively. Especially if we can do something about it.

For the record, by severing ties, I don’t mean making an enemy out of a person. While I understand everyone has enemies, by this I mean people who are expecting to hear an evil report from and about you and can even go as far as being the architect or executor of the same, I haven’t made an enemy of any man and I do not subscribe to such.

People will have to go their separate ways after a while and it is just part of life, and I can believe this can be done while maintaining mutual respect and not wishing evil on the other person.

For some, there has to be an elaborate succinct publication to this effect both to the person and even others following the clean break, depending on how much you want it to be known that you no longer associate with the person, or no longer hold somethings to be true as you used to. In some other cases, they don’t have to know. You just pack your things and leave, of course not without exploring other conflict resolution avenues. Different tactics for different situations.

I’ve had to do this only once in my life. I realised fellowshipping with this guy was not beneficial to my love walk and he was beginning to say some things and eventually tow a path whose end I saw to be disastrous. After plenty back and forths, I had to pull out of the friendship, while I still love him, and the door is open to him any day, any time. I harbour no ill feelings towards him, I just had to love myself enough to refrain from eating poison.

Again I reiterate that ties should be severed only when all other avenues in conflict resolution have been used up and reasonably exhausted.

Hope this helps your friendships.

Good morning my neighbors.

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