Uncle Wiki says it’s, Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.


Gossip has affected more beautiful and worthwhile human relationships than we can ever know. But taking a closer look, is it possible to never talk about a third party in absentia? How far is too far with such conversations?

I think it’s impossible to not have other people come up in our discussions as friends, no matter how hard we try. A relationship that started in a lecture hall will one day have the lecturer or course rep. as the topic of discussion sooner rather than later. One that starts in the office will have to make mention of the boss or another colleague in their absence. So we’ll be better off knowing how to handle other people’s names coming up in discussions than trying to avoid them.


Especially in situations where you both belong to a larger circle of friends and the person will most likely bring it up in a conversation with the person or others in this circle.

You should know I’m not one to proffer too many solutions to people’s problems as many problems people face are as unique from mine as our thumbprints. I can only suggest thought patterns that help when you insert the specifics of the scenario you’re faced with into it.


I’ll say this, ask yourself, “How far do you think is too far when it comes to my friends talking about me in my absence?”. I’ll prefer you don’t say anything you don’t want to be quoted or recorded saying, or anything you can’t say to my face.
I’ll suggest that you never say a word you can’t utter in the presence of the subject of the discourse.

I sincerely look forward to your take on this hot topic, as I hope mine helps your friendships.

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8 thoughts on “Gossip

  1. Nice one Jacque.

    I’ll say making an unconfirmed or false report about people in their absence is now a norm for all gender. so, how can gossip be managed or handled to avoid fallouts that ruin relationships?

    1. The last paragraph conveys my opinion on it, “I’ll suggest that you never say a word you can’t utter in the presence of the subject of the discourse”

  2. Don’t say what you can’t say in front of me behind me. That’s not friendship. Don’t be my hypeman in my presence and be my cast down behind me

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