For the sake of a context to the line of thought for today, I’ll define it as the ability and/or skill to let what was said to only you stay with only you except the teller says otherwise. A wise man once said, “A man who wants friends will have to show himself friendly”.

I’ve realised that one way of many ways we show ourselves friendly to others is in our ability to make people safe with us. By this, I mean your ability to keep their information in the vaults of our hearts without divulging.

This is a sequel to the previous #Friendshipfriday post on Gossip.


Practically this can be tricky, as what we consider, “not for everyone’s ears”, differs with individuals. Take, for example, a friend got a new job, proposed to the lady of his dreams, bought a house, won a lottery, or a bet, and told you. As good as this news can be, while some people want others to rejoice with them and thank God for them, some people don’t want it to be common knowledge, you should understand this better if you were born and bred in Nigeria.


It’s of essence that we should consciously study and/or be discerning of our friends, remembering and analysing their previous choices, preferences and their dispositions towards things.

All the more reason why we should let time test friendships before we commit our treasures to them. We should ensure the ones we want to entrust with our pearls are not pigs in any way, shape or form.


Except in situations where our keeping people’s stuff to ourself can be of great harm to the owners of this information, say its a scenario of abuse they don’t want to bring to the limelight, we can reach out to people who can help them without necessarily letting it become the talk of the town.

Be that person who holds other people’s information not only the same way we want ours to be kept but the way they want it kept and you won’t be asking for too much requesting this from your friends.


Hope this helps your friendships.

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