Are you done?

It’s characteristic of people to make changes at the tail end of the year. New year resolutions have had people chart new paths, leave addictions behind, start new good habits, replacing previous bad ones and all.

I’ll major on how you’ve cut ties with people you’ve referred to as fake friends over the years.
2015 you cut a few of them off calling them, fake friends,
You did the same in 2016, repeated the cycle in 2017, the same thing in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Now you have plans to cut one of the remaining three people you have left in your life. How many more will you cut before you realise you are the fake friend?

At the rate you’re going you won’t have any friend by 2023. So maybe by that time, you’ll cut yourself too. How long will it take you to see how guilty you are of all the atrocities you’ve accused your erstwhile friends of?

You said Chioma told James that the shoe you wore the other day wasn’t yours, Can you remember how many people you told that Hillary borrowed that wig from you? Are people’s secrets safe with you? John didn’t send you money when you asked, when last did you help anybody financially? Christine forgot your birthday, you’re the one that told Chris that you’re too busy to remember things as trivial as a birthday na? E shock you?

Charles na big shot na, him suppose send me something for Christmas. Who did you give anything for Christmas? Or you now have the monopoly on receiving? Well done o.

Mary and Fred see beyond your greed and self-centeredness and still come through for you, can’t you see that you are supposed to learn from them how friendships work?                           Are you normal?

Are you sure the persons you’re referring to as fake friends are not only giving you the treatment you’ve meted out to them or others?

Are you done cutting people off? Before you cut the next person ask yourself if the bitter agbalumo you’re licking tastes like the one you planted.

Hope this helps your friendships.

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