On Money and Friendships

This is a very sensitive topic. If anything, the number of times Jesus used it to make illustrations and parables to ensure it drove the point home shows how essential it is to our existence and by extension how people hold it so dear and do almost anything to get it.

I’ll share two rules that have helped me in my friendships and as it pertains to money;

• People are more than their monetary net worth:
Many times people are worth way more than your estimation of their net worth.

Their experiences:                                 We get to learn from past experiences of our friends; the foolish ones ensure you don’t waste energy in futility, the wise ones save us years.

Their perspectives:                             Lately I’ve been making more friends that are unlike me. For someone who writes I’ve realised it has helped my writing appeal to a wider range of people.

Of course, you can pay some researcher to sample random opinions on matters, or you can just lend people your ears every now and then, the latter would pay more in the long run. You know we all like to talk, especially when there’s someone to listen.

Their network:
Good people know each other. If you pay attention to and leave a good impression of yourself with people, they’ll want their friends to meet you and vice versa. This has been my singular greatest reward for showing myself friendly, more friends. By now, you should know money doesn’t buy friends, although it can open doors for relationships.

• Give more than you lend:
This has given me great peace, and saved me plenty ‘Had I knowns’. I am the least likely person to loan money, I willl rather give what is in my capacity to at the moment.

Having pursued a few friends who became debtors around, I won’t want you to have such an experience if you’ve not had it already. I saw a meme the other day depicting how people come asking for loans like cute little felines and then become Lions when the time for repayment comes.

I think I should add that, we owe the ones we love gifts. Giving is proof of love, you should be able to make material requests of friends, on their level, without feeling guilty about being in need or entitled to their resources, and also we should make room in our budget for material and financial gifts to friends in need, an earlier #Friendshipfriday post does justice to this.

Back to the matter, as much as in your power, I’ll recommend you give friends money rather than loan them. And if ever you have to; let there be something written down to that effect for future reference.

From experience, I don’t label a person loyal who hasn’t had the means of disloyalty in his reach. Money has proven to be one of such means and one of those things that reveal the real motives of men’s hearts and the nature of their person.

Hope this helps your friendships.

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2 thoughts on “On Money and Friendships

  1. Everyone just needs to be careful cause money has the tendency to ruin relationships when mismanaged. This article is on point.

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