Write it down

Welcome to 2020 and welcome back to Misterjacque.com, I sincerely apologise for the break in transmission, had a few technical issues that have been resolved.

Prepared enough?

Learning can be two phased, Its ok to feel not fully equipped after the initial learning phase, the practice phase will fix that if you follow through..

Bad news

No one wants to hear it, We all pray against it. We pray to neither have to hear it nor tell it. Do we really know how to handle bad news?

Dealing with see finish

Considering how it has either stolen opportunities from people, or blinded them to what was indeed in front of them, over familiarity or see finish as Nigerians call it, is the subject of this discourse and a worthy one at that

It comes with the blessing

The blessed man has received something that he can’t hide under a bushel, he has received something that he can’t be discreet about. MisterJacque writes on how this advantage can bring with it a seeming disadvantage, read on

It matters who loves you

In his usual straight to the point manner of writing, MisterJacque ties an experience handling social media pages with God statement of his love for us, and how this on the basis of God’s reputation changes everything

Seasoned with Salt

In this short and simple blog post MisterJacque emphasizes the fact that everyone we meet is fighting a battle, and we can help or worsen this by our interaction with them.

Fear is Learned

In the first blog post on his new website, MisterJacque takes us in a journey to see fear for what it really is a collection of personal experiences and tales that can be unlearned

No Pressure

So it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, I’m on my way to a function and I’m waiting for a friend with whom I was to attend