Ask for help, It’s legal

Its our first blog post for the year 2018. We sincerely appreciate your support, your reads, your visits, your comments, etc last year, and we look forward to a greater and more fulfilling 2018.

These few days have been tough for me, I’m in a new phase and I’m still trying to learn how things work here, and unlike me who is more often than not, on the giving side when it comes to help, I’ve had to ask for help with settling in. So these are my thoughts on this subject, Hope you learn a thing or two. πŸ˜‰


Merriam Webster dictionary defines Help as ‘to make something less severe: to make something more pleasant or easier to deal with’. We live in a time when people beat their chest about being self-made like it’s some trophy. Making others feel less for admitting to receiving help.

I’ve lived long enough to know that no man, or woman is, was or would ever be self-made, and only pride or a low self-esteem, or a combination of the two, would make one not acknowledge others who played a part or two in their achievement. Asking for help is neither out of style, nor a wrong thing to do.

You should ask for help When you’re in a new sphere: Life happens, and sometimes life blows you in directions you didn’t see coming. It’s not unusual to see people leave their Old organisations for another, Their professions for another, Their places of birth or origin for another in search of greener pastures or for other reasons, courses of study for an entirely different one, spouses for ‘seemingly better ones’, Or searching for an address in a neighbourhood that’s not like yours, or in that side of town you’ve never been to, All these require us to aquire new knowledge, New approaches, New work ethics, cultivate new relationships, learn new languages, etc. Truth be told if we want to acquire these things by ourselves and for ourselves, it can take us quite a while. Asking for (and accepting) help doesn’t make you a failure, on the contrary, you’ll pass for one who is matured enough to know that your time is precious and personal experience isn’t always the best teacher.

You should ask for help When Old methods have failed: When your the contemporaries and/ or the competition have upgraded tactics, strategy, and techniques and your still lagging behind its ok to ask for help. Whilst an upgrade in skill set is sought, you could make do with the help received. Help might not always come for free, in the sense that it might involve consulting an expert who’ll charge a fee, But in the end, you’ll realize that asking for (and receiving) help as at when due always costs less in the long run.

You should ask for help when things are tough: One thing tough times reveal in us is our innate toughness, nevertheless nothing is new under the sun, I might be oblivious as regards what you are, or will ever pass through but one thing is sure, You aren’t the first to go in that direction, and you won’t be the first to encounter that difficulty. Asking for help from people who have plied that route is not weakness, it’s strength, it’s not folly, Its wisdom.

You can ask for help when it’s becoming too much for you to handle: From lifting a heavy equipment at the workshop, to going through a divorce, or a breakup, Struggling with an addiction or grieving the loss of a loved one, you might need the help of a Crane, a Colleague, or a Relationship counselor, a therapist or a Confidante. Life is too delicate for you to break a waist or crumble under such emotional load, You’ve earned the right to ask for help You might as well use that right.

You should Ask for help when confusion sets in: It could be a professional career path or foggy weather on a road trip whichever one it is, it’s ok to ask a guidance counselor, Senior colleagues, mentors, bystanders, pedestrians or other road commuters for directions.

I know you might have tried this before and you were given wrong advice either due to the fact that they felt threatened by your progress or due to the ignorance of the one you asked. But I’m sure you’re wiser now and know what wrong advice sounds like.

God knew his son would need help on his way to Golgotha, he placed Simon of Cyrene on his way to help him. Be humble, ask for help

Now, you can ask for (and accept) help better, and without feeling bad about it. Again I say Ask for help, Its legal.N/B. This post in no way encourages living off handouts and ‘hand downs’ from people as a way of life, It simply. debunks every rumour you’ve heard about asking for help.
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