The Last 365

25/02 This date has come to mean a lot to me ever since I agreed it was my birthday 😂😂. I don’t know why but for some reason from as far back as I can remember I thought I was born in April. Back then It took my mum to sit my very small ass down and convince me otherwise. I trust(ed) her so I believe(d) her. I’m sure You know I’m not writing to talk about my real and assumed birthdates, So I’ll cut to the Chase.
The last 365 days of my life have been great, There is more to be desired, But the focus is on the stuff I got that I wasn’t only undeserving of but I also didn’t see coming. There are a few things I got to know in the these 365 days

There is a lot to learn:

I learned that there is a lot to learn, At the beginning of knowledge is knowing that all you know is just a tiny fraction of all that is to be known. I learned firsthand from other people’s experience to be content because I’ll never know everything and be hungry for knowledge because there is a lot to know. No matter how expensive knowledge seems Ignorance has always been more expensive.

God has got me covered

A lot happened in both directions some great stuff that I’ll love to tell everyone, the ones that were not so good that only the inner circle got to hear, some others that No one will ever hear till I move to the other side of eternity. Sometimes I felt down to Ground Zero. But even in those moments found myself on the rock, that solid rock.

Nobody owes you anything

People were good to me out of their magnanimity, But through the course of the year, I depended less on people for stuff. From money, to a platform, to networking it became quite obvious to me that even people who ‘owe you one’ would most times not come through for you when you need them to. I realized that God in his limitless providence gave me all I need to make it happen on the outside on the inside. So if people show up? good. If they don’t? It changed nothing.

Dont be afraid to Have an opinion

One of the purposes we seek to know is so we can make better decisions. Know as much as there is to know on a subject matter as you can, and then, by all means, have an opinion. Don’t let anyone shove their opinion on you. You have the right to an opinion, preferably a knowledgeable one.

Be responsible, Own your decisions

One thing our decisions show is our level of enlightenment, all things being equal we can’t make better decisions than our level of exposure and knowledge. Throughout the course of the past 365, I found myself in conversations where I had to explain over and over again why I Voted for President Muhammadu Buhari over Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Why I preferred President Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. We live in a generation where people who don’t choose make you feel bad for choosing. Good or bad know that as you grow older you’ll realize you can’t really blame others for your choices. So make sound decisions, and no matter how they turn out to be, be responsible and own them.

You’re a limited resource

More often than not we try to be too much to too many people, many times at our own expense. I understood in these few days that there isn’t enough of me to go round to everybody if I want to last long. Pick you battles, choose the most worthy courses, Have a scale of preference. Everyone won’t love you for it but, You’ll lead a longer and more fulfilling life.

You’re limitless

In as much as you’re a limited resource. I realized that expression ‘I’ve tried my best’ is most times used as an excuse to quit, what I used to call my best was only an illusion based on past experiences. I ‘outbested’ what I used to call my best time and time again. I tried my hands on new things, most of which I did phenomenally well with, You should try it too. You’re limitless.

I’ll end this with a quote of mine,

You can’t afford not be on your side. more often than not doctors want you sick, lawyers want you in trouble, your banker wants you broke so you need a loan, Some relatives only want your progress because they want to source from you, these days some fake pastors even want you to have misfortune, So you’ll need their ‘deliverance sessions’ that may come with a ‘token’. Guard your joy jealously, be on your own side.

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