Fear is Learned

In the first blog post on his new website, MisterJacque takes us in a journey to see fear for what it really is a collection of personal experiences and tales that can be unlearned

No Pressure

So it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, I’m on my way to a function and I’m waiting for a friend with whom I was to attend


Its a word my Favourite dictionary defines as, “forgetfulness of or poor return for kindness received”. I’ll say it’s, “anything short of gratitude”. I think

Take a look

“O boy, You’ve grown, I carried you when you were two months old”. “Young man are you eating fertilizer? The last time I came here


Consider this a sequel to a blogpost published on Christmas day last year with the same title, Jealousy. It’s an evil we fight more often

Moving on

Loss, Departure, Absence. Which ever way you want to describe the fact that someone was here one day and gone the next, here a week

Judge not

So I almost fell (to be honest, I think I did) into a trap some months back, someone dear to my heart made a mistake


This is my first blog post since wrapping up the pursuit of my first degree at the University of Port Harcourt, so rumours have it

Peer pressure

In my own words, it connotes the influence one’s contemporaries or companions has over one’s decisions. We were delusional when we thought it was associated