Judge not

So I almost fell (to be honest, I think I did) into a trap some months back, someone dear to my heart made a mistake and has had to live with the consequences of this mistake all the person’s life going forward. It was something I warned the person about haven seen it from a mile away nevertheless, it happened, and I started to harbour this, “I told ya” feeling that we all get when our warnings are not heeded and our predictions, premonition or should I say prophecies eventually come to pass.

It’s judgemental. No one deserves the ‘evil’ they get any more than you did before Christ found you. The very fact that we’ve received forgiveness for the act of sin and total blotting out of the eternal consequence of sin isn’t a bragging right. It’s one that should always keep us in check; It was never a case of us being without sin, but rather a case of our sins being put on Jesus once and for all.

So on this particular occasion, I heard that sweet small voice whisper, “The Righteousness of God doesn’t judge” and oh… I had to take the next U-turn. Had a change of mind concerning the situation and I found myself praying for this person.

Without taking away the fact that we owe each other correction in love when we notice misconduct, sometimes it’s so easy to forget where we once were and who we once were. Sometimes we feel the words; “All our sins are forgiven” is Cliché. Christ did such a good work of not only cleansing our sin but distancing us from the eternal consequences, that’s why we can be tempted to look at other’s sins and feel they are bigger but his true intentions are that we being so forgiven, cleansed and loved are quick to distance people from their misdeeds and trespasses. I listened to a man I love so much lately say these words, and they’ll stick indelibly to the tablets of my heart, “We’re all just one belief in Jesus away from hell.” That’s why we keep the sacrifice of Jesus ever before our eyes, so we don’t forget the Egypt we once lived in, the heaven we now live in and the price that was paid in between on which we Stand and so declare that “CHRIST PAID FOR ALL SINS, YOURS, MINE, AND THEIRS!!!”.

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