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So for a while i have been getting requests from my friends to write on relationships, and I was dragging my feet, but I’ve watched my friends make a few mistakes in their relationship with the opposite sex and have denied me my life long dream of being a little groom or at least a best man.

Their reasons for requesting this has ranged from counsel I’ve given in time passed and ofcourse, I do walk my talk, in fact I have ‘her’ go ahead and her input in writing this one. So consider this an installment on my contributions to your relationship.

Let me help you with your Commitment to your relationships.
Do not get it twisted; married, engaged, in a courtship, relationship, situationship or whatever you call what you and your significant other are in, I’m happy for you and hope it lasts, That’s why I want to tell you this.

More often than not, something attracted you to that person, if that relationship started on a sane basis, by this I mean if both parties (or one) weren’t under the undue Influence of something or someone, or some sort of pressure, but in their right state of mind when the choice of the other was made, something attracted you to the other person.

Don’t bother soul searching if you can’t pin point what it is (or they are) as at the time your are reading this, if you last long enough you’ll realise what that or those things are. If you have, then you’ll relate to this almost immediately, if you have not and most likely not even in a relationship but desire one, then remember this, “YOU’LL MEET BETTER PEOPLE”.

However physical, intellectual, spiritual or even delusional those things are or might turn out to be, you’ll come across people who are more. You’ll meet people more beautiful, intelligent, generous, prayerful, caring, handsome, wealthy, educated, etc. What ever it is that was your attraction to the one you are now exclusive with, I can tell you for a fact that, if you live long enough you’ll find someone possessing more of that trait than the person you have chosen.

In those moments we don’t go questioning our choices, the godly, reasonable and mature thing to do is to own our choices. Because truth remains that if we jump ship and for any reason question our choices and preference of the one we are with and move on to or with another there are no guarantees that while we are breathing there won’t be another we find even more attractive that the later.

Basically this is what distinguishes us from animals, the ability to stay true to our commitments, the resolve to follow through and stand by our choices and preferences.

Love is from a perspective a feeling, but most importantly it is a decision. This alludes to the fact that relationships don’t work just because people like or love each other, they work because they are committed to each other. They work because people choose and rechoose or should I rather say recommit to a previous choice everyday people wake up everyday and figuratively look their significant other in the face and say, “No one would be better in my eyes than this one”.

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Feel free to drop a comment, share with a friend or significant other or even send the link as a green light to a potential significant other😉, thank me later.

29 thoughts on “Choose you everyday

  1. Thanks for this…. You just help resolve something thriving. I don’t write this as your friend but as someone who you just helped

  2. You would definitely speak at youth relationship programs in my church. I’m already proposing a deal. Awesome piece

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  4. I discovered with time that one one way to show love is through commitment. It’s the decision to choose your significant other everyday.
    It’s easy to have wandering eyes but commitment to your relationship shows you love your partner.
    Thanks for this post Jacque.

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